Welcome to Trusty Ox

Trusty Ox Systems Ltd. is diversified software and professional services company. Through our three brands, Front Foot, Ok Alone and Order Wizard,  we serve a global market. To learn more about what we do, please follow one of the links below.

Front Foot - Putting you in control

Front Foot is your comprehensive management system for fluid haulage. It provides comprehensive route maps, accurate job estimations, smart load scheduling, efficient dispatch and insightful reports.

Front Foot is for trucking companies - putting you in control, getting you new business and keeps your staff happy. It is also for energy companies - reducing costs and providing visibility across the system.

Find out more at www.thefrontfoot.com


Ok Alone - Easily check in with your dispatch or base when working alone

Ok Alone provides an a solution to managing check-ins when your employees are working alone away from the base.

Regular check-ins are part of many safety requirements and Ok Alone offers a online solution, using automated sms, call and iphone apps to automatically handle check-ins.

Find out more at www.okaloneworker.com

Order Wizard

Order Wizard is for owners who believe they should only pay for marketing when it delivers sales and who believe every order should be profitable.  Order Wizard makes that possible, thanks to low commissions, no upfront fees, and by avoiding big discounts.

The truth is customers always have a choice of where to eat on an evening, from other restaurants, to ready meals, to cooking at home. It's Order Wizard's job to get them to choose your restaurant instead of the others. That's why Order Wizard sends your customers relevant and interesting reminders about your restaurant - every week. It keeps your restaurant's name on the tip of everyone's tongue.

Find out more at www.orderwizard.ca